Are you covered when traveling? Get a comprehensive travel insurance from only R270! Get covered in 4 Easy Steps and travel with peace of mind knowing you are covered with travel insurance. We offer two fantastic offerings, both crucial for travelers depending on your needs.

Travel Health

When traveling the most important travel insurance is definitely your health and emergency cover. Our Travel Health option will cover you for all Emergency Medical Costs when travelling abroad. It will also cover costs arising from unexpected travel related perils.

Car Hire Excess

If your hired vehicle is damaged or stolen, in most cases you will be held liable for an excess payment. These cost are normally very high. Irrespective if this is your fault or not, this charge will apply. Rental companies do offer waivers of their own. Mostly though this add-on can be costly, and does not always cover the whole charge. This could ruin your whole holiday.

We offer you peace of mind by making sure you are covered in the event of theft or damage to any part of the vehicle, with options starting at just R3 per day. Safeguard your holiday by taking the Car Hire Excess. We we cover costs of accidental damage, theft, hijack, windscreen and tyre damage and stolen or damaged vehicle accessories. Most of which you are responsible for when hiring a car for a domestic or international trip. It is a travel insurance option that will save you loads of money and hassle.