Winner: Share Your Travel Disaster Story

Winner: Share Your Travel Disaster Story

A travel disaster can turn a wonderful holiday or trip into a total nightmare within seconds. It’s definitely not something you reminisce about and mostly want to forget as soon as possible. For one lucky Cheap Flights South Africa user, his nightmare experience some 30 years ago has just made him the winner of R3 000.

The winner is…

Adrian Luke van Vuuren entered our “Share your travel disaster story” competition and deemed the worthy winner for the nightmare experience he had endured when he travelled to Ireland.

Read his story here:

I was 22 years old South African and invited to play County Cricket for Dublin Cricket Club. My very first overseas trip & was excited and nervous. In this mixed state packed my brand spanking new passport into my suite case.

Upon arriving in Ireland I was escorted to security and had to empty out my bags in search of ID …. Embarrassing and devastating as they wanted to put me back on next flight back to SA  now comes the cherry on the top … Once relieved to find my passport  the authority opens it up and says in his very Irish accent “Mr van Vuuren … Your passport expired last month” OMG I thought my tonsils were going to drop out of my backside SA home affairs had printed my passport with the expiry date the correct day , month but the same year as the application i.e. Current year we were in … Which was 1987 instead of 1997 Well I visualized being escorted back to the next flight home.

A human angel in management saw my face and came to the rescue…. Long story short they called the SA embassy and they confirmed the master mistake was indeed Home Affairs and that they would courier the corrected Passport within a week I have never felt such relief in my life and spent a glorious 3 months in Dublin and memory still with memory… I downed that Guinness with great gusto upon arriving at my sponsored home away from home.

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