Cheap Flights in May- Book Now!

Cheap Flights in May- Book Now!

Use the Cheap Flights South Africa app or website and you can fly from as little as R488 (one way) during May.

Whether you need to fly for business or pleasure, Cheap Flights South Africa will assist you to search, find and book the exact flight you’re looking for.

Cheap Flights in May

  • Johannesburg – Durban              from  R488
  • Johannesburg – Cape Town       from  R754
  • Cape Town – Port Elizabeth        from  R754
  • Johannesburg – George              from  R760
  • Durban – Cape Town                    from  R754
  • Johannesburg – Port Elizabeth  from  R654
  • Bloemfontein – Cape Town         from  R890
  • Johannesburg – Bloemfontein    from  R1 022
  • George – Cape Town                    from  R1 098

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